The Devil’s Christmas Clothes: Holiday Depression

We wrestle against the spiritual forces of evil and the darkness of the present world(Paraphrased from Ephesians 6:12). Because this is true, even times when the world around us seems so happy (times like, oh I don’t know . . . Christmas!) can be times of deep depression and insurmountable sadness. Chances are, if you have stumbled upon this article, you are dealing with the despair that can come with the season. Let me say upfront, there is hope and comfort for you!

What brings these dark feelings to the forefront? It can be a longing for Christmas past, a time fondly remembered for its childlike expectation of magical moments, only to be confronted with a life that hasn’t lived up to expectations. It can be a Christmas present clouded and shrouded by the absence of someone dearly missed. It can be a fear of the future that seems so shaky and insecure.

Whatever it is that causes Christmas depression, it certainly hurts. Emotionally and psychologically, yes – but it can even hurt physically and spiritually. To top it off, EVERYONE else seems so happy and joyous and it just isn’t fair that you don’t feel the same way because all you want for Christmas is to feel . . . well . . . happy. Is that too much to ask?

Absolutely not! God’s Christmas present to you comes in the form of true hope and comfort!

Holiday depression is a very dark place. The Prince of Darkness, the devil, loves that so many of you are in his palace. He especially loves it that you’re there during such a joyous occasion as the remembrance of the birth of His most hated enemy, Jesus Christ. The devil loves and thrives on your pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The All-powerful One, the Christ that Christmas is all about, has traveled into this unholy prince’s palace to snatch away all his treasure. The treasure that Jesus risked everything (in fact, lost everything) to reclaim? YOU!

Think about that as Christmas pain strikes. Recognize the pain and depression for what it is – your enemy the devil in his Christmas clothes. Recognize yourself for who you are – a treasure so valuable to your Creator that He cast aside His own Son to reclaim you as His own!

Wear this truth like the armor it is and the Prince of Darkness will have no power over you!

“O Savior, child of Mary
Who felt our human woe;
O Savior, King of glory,
Who dost our weakness know;
Bring us at length we pray
To the bright courts of heaven,
And to the endless day.”
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming – Lutheran Service Book, 359


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