Merry Christmas: Light of Truth

And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in a manger. Luke 2:16

Seeing is believing! Just as it had been told to them, there were the proud parents hovering over the sleeping baby lying in a manger. Just as it had been proclaimed minutes before, the shepherds found everything just as it was supposed to be! There He was! There lay the One they had waited their whole lives for! Their parents and grandparents had told them this day would come. The only problem was their parents’ and grandparents’ parents and grandparents had been saying the same thing for many generations! Could it finally have come to pass? Could the Lord God finally have sent the Promised One? It’s almost too good to believe, yet here He is! Proof in the manger! The Lord has remembered His people and sent the Savior of the World!

But isn’t that the same problem we so often face? We have received word about a Savior born long ago, but where’s the proof? If we take for our evidence the state of the world around us, it would be easier to believe God has forgotten us sometimes.

Yet our faith resides solely on the One who has made the promise! Just as the Lord God had promised a Savior for so many years, finally making good on that promise – albeit in a very strange and unexpected way. It is the Lord God who has made the promise that the Christ is your Christ! That He is your Savior! That He is the One who is always with you, even when the world around you is going down in flames. It is the Christ of the Lord who walks with you all the way. It is the Lord’s Christ who will see you through the terrible times. It is the Christ who came at Christmas and who keeps coming to you; who never, ever, ever leaves you alone, not even for a moment. It is He who is making this promise. The One who fulfills all His promises! He promises to watch over you. Because it is the Lord Himself who promises these things it is the Truth!

“For lo, the days have come to pass
By prophets seen of old,
When down into the circling years
Came Christ as was foretold.
His word of peace shall to the earth
God’s ancient promise bring,
And all who take this gift will hear
The song the angels sing.”
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, Lutheran Service Book, 366


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