Pray, Pray, and Pray Some More

“Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.” Ephesians 6:18a

You’ve heard it said “prayer is a powerful thing”. Hopefully you’ve even experienced the “power of prayer”. But just what is prayer? How do we do it? When should we do it? For that matter, why should we do it?

Prayer is a conversation with our Creator in the name of Jesus Christ. Going directly to the God of the Universe, we boldly begin speaking words that are promised to be heard. Petitioning for protection, provisions, good health, guidance, wisdom, and whatever else might occur to us, Christ Himself has invited us to speak to our Father in His name.

Prayers – spoken or thought, with folded hands or arms to your side, from your knees, standing up, laying down, or standing on your head – prayed in the name of Jesus Christ will certainly be heard by our Father in Heaven. From the kneelers at your local church, the bedside of your children, the driver’s seat of your car, or wherever else you may find yourself, the Lord is always ready to hear from you.

Because Jesus tells us our Father hears us, we can and should regularly pour out the contents of our hearts to the Omniscient One. Yet, if He is truly omniscient (knows everything), why do I have to bother praying to Him? The simple answer: you don’t have to. He already knows what you need and it is His good pleasure to provide. Yet you have been afforded this opportunity to speak directly with your God. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Countless miracles have been manifested as a result of the faithful prayers of God’s children.

Prayer in and of itself has no power. But the One to whom you pray is all-powerful. He brought His people Israel out of bondage into a Promised Land, He crushed the walls of mighty Jericho, and He raised His Son back to life from the dead. He offers to listen and respond to your every prayer.

“Rise! To arms! With prayer employ you,
O Christians, lest the foe destroy you;
For Satan has designed your fall.
Wield God’s Word, the weapon glorious;
Against all foes be thus victorious,
For God protects you from them all.
Fear not the hordes of hell,
Here is Emmanuel.
Hail the Savior!
The strong foes yield
To Christ, our shield,
And we, the victors, hold the field.”
Rise! To Arms! With Prayer Employ You (LSB 668)


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