Tornado (Very Funny Informational Essay by my son!)

Have you ever seen a tornado? If you haven’t I’d like to tell you about tornado safety. Three ways are seeking shelter, staying updated on weather that may occur, and not getting in vehicles during bad weather that may turn into tornadoes.

Seek Shelter

First of all seeking shelter is important. Getting under a sturdy object is important because if you don’t you may get seriously injured! Also you should stay away from windows in case glass should fly and cause you harm. I didn’t know these procedures and I got injured and had to be taken to the hospital. All in all seeking shelter is very important because it may save you a trip to the hospital.


Moving right along, staying updated is important because if you are not up to date on the local weather forecasts you may end up walking out your front door and into a tornado’s path. Make sure that you are in fact looking at the local news. It would be quite useless if you don’t. In a nutshell, stay up to date.

No Vehicles

Last but not least, don’t get in vehicles. Don’t get in the grass. Don’t play in the yard. Or anything except a house. Now you know, so don’t get in a car or you might die.

In conclusion, you now know the three ways not to be gobbled up. They are seeking shelter, stay updated, and no vehicles. Now you know, so please follow them.


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