A Knock at the Door (8)

I stand at the door and knock. Revelation 3:20

I don’t know about your home, but with a family the size of mine, it can get a little loud. This time of year, Christmas music issues from the slightly out of tune piano while real jingle bells scream their harsh sounds in the hands of our two youngest. It’s fun, but when you’re trying to write your blog, it’s a little distracting . . .

On second thought, it’s exactly what a person needs sometimes. The sweet cacophony of a Christmas-time melody that comes together in a way that only your family can manage. Beautiful. Refreshing. If I listen closely enough, I hear the knocking at the door of Jesus as He makes His presence known in the love of our family. Here He is – in the exploration of our toddler, toy car playing of the next oldest, book reading of our oldest son, and the dish washing of our oldest daughter. Here is Jesus in the love that pours from our hearts into our home.

Jesus, teach me to always hear your knock at the door. Amen.


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