A Sinner’s House (9)

He has gone in to be the guest of a man who is a sinner. Luke 19:7

Living on the outskirts is unpleasant. It is far better to be welcome and accepted. Unfortunately acceptance is often elusive. Have you ever felt rejected at a church? In this place of belonging, perhaps the last thing you felt was welcome. If these perfect people knew the things I’ve seen, the places I’ve been, the words I’ve uttered, the life I’ve lived.

Jesus knows. Far from rejecting you, He comes to your sinner’s house for a chat. Nowhere near judging you, He forgives all that has hurt you and others. Favoring you, He accepts you with open arms and assures you that you belong. He is the door to a new life. The door stands open! Jesus takes you through it from your sinner’s house into His holy house. (By the way, the people at your church aren’t perfect – we’re all in the same boat!)

Jesus, welcome us into your home. Amen.


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