A House of Healing (11)

Go; let it be done for you as you have believed. Matthew 8:13

Jesus healed a man by simply stating a fact, “he is healed.” Cool. What about all the times you beg Him to heal, yet sickness remains? Is your request not good enough? Why does God choose to heal in one instance, but not in another?

Far be it from me to feign knowledge of the mind of God. There are, however, some very important things I do know. Whether healing comes or not, Jesus does. You do not face anything alone. Not diseases, not disasters, not disorders. Sickness is nothing compared to the love of God. A lack of healing cannot separate you from this love. Should this sickness you so fervently pray to have removed go so far as to take your life, it will not end you. It will not defeat you. True healing is in faith in the One who heals. Sometimes His healing comes now; sometimes later.

Jesus, heal my fears and doubts. Amen.


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