A Surprise Visit (12)

Abraham stood by them under the tree while they ate. Genesis 18:8

How do you feel when company drops by unannounced? Most likely slightly inadequate and altogether ill-prepared, yet as if always ready for the occasional drop-in visit, you rush to get things in order. Slapping on your most sincere smile, you welcome the visitor and offer refreshment.

Abraham, whether he realized it or not, welcomed God Almighty into his home. He rushed to make bread; ran to grill meat; sprinted to set the meal before his surprise visitors. You can almost taste the sense of panic at being caught off guard. Still he served them.

Jesus says He comes to us, sometimes unexpectedly, in the sick or saddened; the imprisoned or impoverished. How do you welcome Him? Do you rush to afford aid to your ailing friend? Do you run to comfort your down-hearted neighbor? Do you sprint to provide alms to your impecunious acquaintance? Be gracious and give.

Jesus, give me a gracious heart and home. Amen.


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