Remember (15)

When the waters saw you, O God, they were afraid. Psalm 77:16

Our education and experiences, so long as the lessons stick, guide us in our present decisions and future endeavors. The subsequent pain of sticking your finger in an electrical socket as a child is usually enough to keep your fingers safely out of harms way for the rest of your life. A caring friend or family member who walked with you through dark days in the past strengthens you to know you will make it through the present.

The writer of Psalm 77 is also doing some remembering. He remembers that God is almighty. That God has never abandoned him. That God has always sheltered and shielded him through every single sickness and struggle. This same God of the universe, before whom even the waters of the sea step aside, comes to you in love and mercy. Born into this world, He has come to reside in your world. Remember this.

Jesus, remember me that I may remember you. Amen.


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