An Open Mind (20)

Then He opened their minds to understand. Luke 24:45

Beneficial and helpful as an unbarred outlook may be, potential pitfalls persist. Keeping an open mind on one side of an argument may inadvertently slam shut the gate on the other side. Worse yet, with such an emphasis on openness, you may miss the point altogether.

That’s what has happened in the aftermath of our national tragedy. We’ve been quick to debate the merits of gun control, prayer in school, and accessibility to mental health assistance. Something inexcusable and inexplicable has happened and in our haste to purge it from our consciousness we have politicized atrocities. Legitimate as these discussions are, they will never resolve the problems.

What happened last week was unadulterated evil. Open your mind and understand no amount of debating can change this fact. But in Christ, and in Christ alone, we can combat the very darkness that rips us apart. Christ brings light into a dark world.

Jesus, open my mind to your power and truth. Amen.



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