The Spirit of Christmas

Blessed are the poor in spirit. Matthew 5:3

God’s Son, mothered by Mary, comes to us in our Christmas celebration. Many across our land have gathered for worship last night and this morning. Preachers proclaimed and gesticulated their important message of a newly-birthed, virgin-mothered, Savior of the world. I like to sometimes imagine what it might be like to sit at the feet of preacher Jesus. What words might He exhort about His miraculous birth?

Whatever He would have to say, one thing is certain; His words cleave the souls of those who listen. Hearts of the hearers set ablaze by the words of hope and love from the One who knows us inside and out. His word? “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Poor. Impoverished. Nothing to offer. And these people are blessed. Consecrated. Exalted. Glorified. We who are spiritually bankrupt are saved and sacred to God. To us, Jesus promises the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus, in my spiritual poverty, provide your Word of hope and comfort. Amen.



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