Don’t Be Afraid

You didn’t receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear; you received the Spirit of adoption as sons. Romans 8:15

Don’t be afraid. If only it were that simple. So often frightened by the faintest bump in the night, we run for the cover of the comforts we found relieve our anxiety. Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, seclusion. All these intoxicating talismans take our thoughts away from the scary reality of a damaged existence. But it’s fake. None of our strategies come close to solving the situation.

Set them aside. Don’t be afraid anymore. You have nothing to worry about. Far more monumental than any mind-altering substance, you have God for a Father. His loving embrace carries us past fearful experiences and protects us against false resolutions. It cost Jesus every drop of His blood and every ounce of His life to make you God’s child. Now, here you are, a son or daughter of God. So don’t be afraid.

Jesus, protect me and keep my fears away. Amen.


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