New Year, New You, New Post!

Behold, I am making all things new. Revelation 21:5

The gift of a new year is a chance to change. This year will be different. This year will be my year. Troubling, then, is the fact that by February this New Year doesn’t feel all that different from the Old Year. Like we were not fortunate enough to leave “last year’s me” behind. Like he just won’t stay where he belongs. As an unwelcome guest, he creeps right back in to the life I call my own.

Our annual disappointment is inevitable in so far as our attempts remain solo. There is One with whom we can partner to make true and lasting changes. The Lord Jesus makes fundamental modifications when He baptizes us. These alterations ripple out into the far reaches of our lives, friendships, households, work, churches, and communities. If you are seeking true change this New Year, seek first the One who brings it about.

Jesus, you have changed me; strengthen me to continue to change. Amen.


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