Great Tasting Words

So I opened my mouth, and he gave me this scroll to eat. Ezekiel 3:2

Not exactly the tastiest sounding of treats. Yet considering what we allow ourselves to eat, maybe a scroll isn’t quite so out of the question! Is this what a Samaritan woman was thinking as she sat by listening to Jesus speak to everyone but her? ‘Give me some of this message.’ ‘Give me at least the crumbs.’ So plump in their self-righteousness, the men listening to Jesus believed a woman of her status was unworthy of His hearty words.

Jesus disagreed. In her simple request for mere morsels, Jesus found faith. You and I delude ourselves if we believe we are better off. Any Word that comes to us from God is a free gift to undeserving, broken creatures. Yet look how richly and lavishly He sustains us at His feast! Breaking out the best china, Jesus sits us down for a multi-course meal replete with His words!

Jesus, feed me with your word. Amen.


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