Give me not up to the will of my adversaries; for false witnesses have risen against me and they breathe out violence. Psalm 27:12

Every sunrise is the doorway to a new day. Opportunity abounds and the choice is yours what will come of it. Moment by moment the decisions you make lead to cavernous rooms of service, small corners of sadness, hallways of uncertainty, and a world filled with challenges to be sorted out. Every today is special.

Each step is a choice. Will you do what is right or what is wrong? So many voices shout against what is good. Your television, your radio, your newspaper ads, your friends, your own desires – all demanding dereliction of what is right and reputable in favor of what is easy and comfortable. One calm voice speaks through all the others and strengthens you to make beneficial choices. The question is, which voice will you keep? The choice is yours.

Jesus, guide me and strengthen me to heed your voice. Amen.


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