You Can Act Like a Man

Be strong and let you heart take courage. Psalm 31:24

“I just don’t know what to do, Godfather.” SLAP! “You can act like a man!” Don Corleone’s response to spineless and pouting Johnny Fontane (cf. The Godfather©, part 1) was a backhand and some good advice. Get off your posterior and get to work. Be a man. Love your family. Lead them. Provide. Protect. Preserve. Persevere.

Men, be men! You are not a powerless coward; but strong and courageous. You are not a lazy and sluggish drain on family and friends; but a capable citizen. You are not a womanizing gigolo in search of your next conquest; you realize the value and worth women. You are not a deadbeat dad who leaves his children fatherless; but a family man who dearly loves his children. Men, be men! For the sake of our society, be men! This is of the Lord. The One who made you created you to “act like a man”!

Jesus, teach men how to be men. Amen.


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