Jesus Only

When they lifted their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only. Matthew 17:8

Walking through the Valley of Death’s Dark Shadow, a sense of unrest so vivid you can almost taste threatens to terrify you. A hope and a prayer is all you have. Every other option long since exhausted, trusting the Lord will carry you through has become the last hope. All you have left. No alternative but to depend on Jesus’ promise to safely shepherd you.

Stunningly, your eyes find Jesus only. Just Jesus. No one else. Everyone else has gone their way. Now remains the One who promises to never disappear. The One who intimately knows you inside and out. The One who made you and loves you. Finding Jesus at the end of your rope is the supreme surprise because it means you will be perfectly preserved! He stays with you. He walks with you. He is more than simply your last hope; He is hope!

Jesus, let my eyes rest upon you only. Amen.


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