The War Within

The desires of the flesh are against the Spirit and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh. Galatians 5:17

Standing on your left shoulder, just out of sight, is a small person with a voice that sounds remarkably like yours saying, “do it!” In his turn, an apparently duplicate person stands just out of sight on your right shoulder encouraging reconsideration. Cartoonish as it may seem, how often has this scene played itself out for you? A battle raging between two choices: the right thing and the wrong thing.

For Christians, this is a battle between our broken nature and the Spirit who has taken up residence within us. Over and over, temptations emerge. Daily we struggle to do what is right. So strong are the urges to dive into the abyss of sin we can feel overwhelmed. Stay strong. The Spirit of God within you fights for you. Keeping you firmly in your faith in Christ, the Spirit guards you.

Holy Spirit, keep watch over me. Amen.



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