Training Day

While bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way. 1 Timothy 4:8

It’s estimated Americans spend $2 billion on gym memberships each year. It’s further estimated only 8% of people with a gym membership use it. As if having the card in pocket is some magical fat reducing, shape enhancing talisman toward transformation. Trust me, it isn’t. Gym membership cards only work by swiping it at the door to the gym and getting to work!

How often we treat the Word of God this same way. I’d be willing to wager you have a Bible. When was the last time you cracked it open and read? Bible ownership will not save you. Prominently placing your Holy publication on display has no impact on whether God loves you. Take a moment to read through what is written down for you in this book and feel the love of God pour forth. In Jesus, God loves you very much!

Jesus, train me up in your Word. Amen.


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