Profits and Losses

What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Matthew 16:26

Jonathan adored his wife and children. Every day he worked hard at a job he didn’t like to earn a living for the family he dearly loved. His hard work paid off. He was the first asked to work overtime. He was the first up for the big promotion! A salaried job! He’d still be responsible for the same number of hours, maybe even more, but the pay increase was phenomenal. At home, those rare hours of the day when he found himself there, he was beat. The family he loved received more and more from him, but less and less of him. When they tried to talk to him about it, he became frustrated and returned to work. “I’m doing this for them. Can’t they understand that?”

A family needs far more than nice things. They need you. Even if it means having less stuff.

Jesus, keep my priorities straight. Amen.


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