Passing Hour

Going a little farther, Jesus fell on the ground and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from Him. Mark 14:35

Understanding the extremes He was soon to experience, Jesus asked His Father for another solution. If it is possible, take away the lies, the whips, the thorns, the mocking, the nails, the cross, the dying. If it is possible. Placing His trust completely in the goodness of our Father in heaven, Jesus left His life in God’s hands. He commended Himself completely to the care of our loving Father.

But the hour did not pass from Him. The lies and whips and thorns and mocking and nails and cross and death all came. Still, Jesus trusted. Even though the answer to Jesus’ prayer was ‘no’, He trusted and was not put to shame. He died, yet has been miraculously raised from the dead. He lives; never to die again! His trust is firmly founded in God. How about yours?

Jesus, help me trust you always. Amen.



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