Living it Up

I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Psalm 27:13

I’ll never forget the profound words of an atheist. “Sometimes I wish I believed. Christians know they will see their loved ones again.” She’s right. No question. No doubt. Why such confidence? Simply faith in the promises made by our Creator in heaven. To His Word alone we cleave. We will rejoin with our precious family and friends. God has given His word on this account. Literally!

His Word has come near. Taken on flesh and walked around, touchable and tangible. God’s good Word in the flesh is the foundation of our faith in His promises. God’s Word enfleshed was murdered on our behalf. God Himself raised Him from the dead – to the land of the living! We will see our loved ones again. Not as emanations of translucent resemblances of each other. With our own living eyes we’ll behold. With our own living arms we’ll embrace.

Jesus, keep me always. Amen.


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