New Day

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness. Colossians 1:13

One of the most beautiful times of day is dawn. Just prior to sunrise, the sky lights up, ablaze with flames of color. Shadows soon reveal silhouettes of storefronts and power lines and treetops. Nearly the entire spectrum of color, unleashed in the majesty of the heavens. The darkness ending; a new day begins. With the dawn comes opportunity and potential. The sun shall soon rise upon all you will endeavor to undergo.

Delivering you from the domain of darkness, Jesus walks you into the dawn of a new day. Shadows of hope beyond reach soon shift to silhouettes of loving community, complete forgiveness, and a cross on a hill. Replete with unimaginable grandeur, the new day leads to new life. Your life, holy and whole in Christ, brightly shining with ineffable glory, brought out of the darkness once and for all. The light shines, never to dim. A new day in Christ.

Jesus, thanks for this day. Amen.


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