Jesus was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification. Romans 4:25

Growing up near a large National Forest, I loved exploring. I could regularly be found discovering where a new logging trail led. Often I would encounter a stand of trees lining private property. Every hundred feet or so a sign hung, forbidding trespassers. The law was clear – step over that line and be in violation.

O how we often step over the line. No trespassing. Speed limit 35. Wet paint. We don’t heed the warning and so pay the consequence. We have all too often stepped over God’s line. We’ve trespassed all over an area in which we have no business being. Rather than prosecute us; rather than condemn us to a just punishment, God delivered Jesus in our place. He received and served our sentence. He has been raised to make you right. You are justified, not in what you have done, but in what Christ has done.

Jesus, thanks for justifying me. Amen.


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