One Act of Righteousness

One act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all. Romans 5:18

Truly amazing are the effects of goodness upon the course of history. Setting straight anfractuous paths, Jesus unwaveringly trudged the way of singular sorrow, great grief, and supreme suffering. This one act of righteousness has gathered together all our sin and ugliness, channeling it all to the One Man. One act of righteousness has removed your guilt. One act of righteousness, Jesus’ death and rising from the dead, has afforded you new life.

One masterful act of righteousness has accomplished incomputable goodness. Think what more could be done if you and I were to carry this goodness forward. If we were to bring new life in Christ to the world in which we live. Think of all the good that could be done if we simply choose to do it. You are daily given choices. When the opportunity arises for you to do good, will you?

Jesus, strengthen me in your perfect righteousness to do good. Amen.


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