Learn Something New

You have One Teacher and you are all brothers. Matthew 23:8

In any given situation with any given person, you have two choices. You can either learn from the unique perspective and life experiences of the other person or you can determine you have nothing to learn and dismiss him. You do this every day, often without realizing. It depends on your preconceived notions of the caliber of person with whom you are engaged.

You can learn from everyone. Each of us encounter our world differently and so confer insight and knowledge to those with time to listen and learn. We especially find this true when we understand that in Christ we are students, none ahead of another. Jesus teaches. His primary lesson: to love! Sometimes He teaches by lecturing (cf. the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5ff); sometimes in demonstration (cf. the Passion Narratives); sometimes with hands-on experiences (cf. the various opportunities you have). When Jesus teaches we do well to learn.

Jesus, teach me always to love. Amen.


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