Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. Romans 13:1

In a culture as politicized as ours, Romans 13:1 sounds oddly outdated. Many would read these words and mentally formulate exceptions for consideration. What if the government wants to take too much of my money in taxes? What if I don’t agree with their policies? What if I didn’t vote for these people? Should I be subjected to them as well?

Both Paul and Jesus subjected themselves to the governing authorities. Taking the legal route, Paul asked to take his case to the highest authority in the land. Once there, he preached Christ Crucified. Crucified by the governing authorities to whom He had submitted Himself. God, working through the system, to sacrifice the Lamb in place of sinner. Things aren’t the way they should be? Work to change them. Otherwise, as long as the law does not go against an expressly stated command of God Almighty, obey it.

Jesus, work through our governing authorities to protect your people. Amen.


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