The ruler of this world is judged. John 16:11

The ruler of this world is the devil. He has manipulated and massaged humankind into all kinds of evil through his seductive suggestions. It’s time to resist. If Satan is truly this world’s tyrannical oppressor, let us defect to the Land of the Lord. Mutiny Satan’s sinking ship and find the vessel of the Lord afloat, commencing your daring rescue.

Better yet, realize that in Christ you are no longer under the control and authority of the evil one. He has no power over you. He still attempts to convince you he is powerful, but know the truth: for those in Christ, the devil is impotent and debilitated. He’s judged. There’s nothing more to say for him. He will not win. He will not inherit this world. He will not inherit you. He is judged and found contemptibly guilty of all. He will pay the price. Your kingdom . . . your place is with Jesus Christ.

Jesus, keep me in your safety. Amen.


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