Nestled In

He bore our sins in His body when He was nailed to the tree. 1 Peter 2:24

Cradled in like a precious baby. With His mother watching over Him. A small crowd of unknowns standing around gaping. The wood of a manger from thirty-three short years earlier replaced with wood skillfully turned in to an instrument of death. The precious Baby, God Incarnate, Jesus Christ was no longer adoringly watched by His mother. Instead a look of sheer horror at what they had done to her Son painted her face. The crowd that gathered was not astounded shepherds but sadistic soldiers and uncaring leaders. That which was nestled in was not a newborn infant. It was your sins. Cradled into the dying body of Jesus Christ, every one of your sins found a new home. The death of your sin and sinfulness came swiftly as life slipped from the Christ. Newborn in sin’s place is Jesus’ perfect righteousness. Jesus gave you the gift of new life.

Jesus, thank you. Amen


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