The End is Fast Approaching

This is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith. 1 John 5:4

War never ends. Homeless and hungry people still try eking out an existence. Prisons are overcrowded. Countless people attempt to mask their suffering through drugs. People in our families get sick. Death knocks at every door.

Victory seems far away if not completely impossible. Thankfully, that’s where we’re wrong. Victory is coming and it will be decisively decided. Jesus has already set it in motion when He, the Son of God, broke into creation at His birth. The Kingdom of God was invading our realm with each healing, teaching, and loving act. The victory was secured in Jesus’ death and resurrection. All that ails will soon end. Just as Jesus promised He’d be raised from the dead, He promises that He will return to usher in the new age in which all that is evil will no longer be. Our victory comes in trusting Jesus at His word – faith!

Jesus, strengthen my faith. Amen.


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