Unheard of Love

As I have loved you, you also are to love one another. John 13:34

Radical is Jesus’ command to love for a people who freely espouse (at best) a mild indifference toward strangers. Indiscriminately; uncompromisingly; with no strings attached; for no other reason than that they’re there, love. Encourage. Support. Build up. Strengthen. Go out of your way.

That’s Jesus’ kind of love. Unpopular to the “cool” people you may wish to impress, yet wildly celebrated by those unloved by the world. The man diagnosed with terminal cancer has slowly seen all his friends stop coming by. The young girl with a half shaved head, darkly made up eyes, black fingernail polish, and pitch black clothing hasn’t heard an encouraging word for weeks. The mother of four whose husband’s away at war daily prays for his safety and wonders how she’d make it without him. These people need love. Jesus’ love. Unconditional and ever-ready love. Let’s find them and wrap them in Jesus’ love.

Jesus, teach us to love. Amen.


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