Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

It was the will of the Lord to crush Him [Jesus]. Isaiah 53:10

There’s too much nonsenses in Christianity. There’s too many hairs being split. There’s too many sins we’re shying away from being honest about. There’s too much we’re against with no sense of urgency in addressing the actual people with issues. With all our focus on other people’s wrongs, we run out of time to examine ourselves.

Take time. Examine why ashes are smeared upon the brow of a Christian with the sad words of truth, “From dust you have come, to dust you shall return.” Why should this reminder of death be upon your head? What have you done to deserve such condemning truth? You know . . . and so does your Lord.

Yet take heart. Your ashes form a cross. That which you have done has not been charged to your debt. It was the will of God that Jesus should be crushed for your sins. Contemplate this.

Jesus, I am sorry; thank you. Amen.


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