For Those on the Fence

I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him. Deuteronomy 18:18

God spoke of The One who would come. The Hebrews heard God’s Word from Moses and the prophets. God would speak through The One as He did in the days of Moses. Isaiah saw glimpses and scenes of the life – even the death – of The One God promised would come. Jesus Christ is The One who was spoken about those many years ago. But for some, He just didn’t/doesn’t seem quite enough. There must be another.

If Jesus is in fact The One God spoke about so long ago. If indeed what came to pass with Jesus was foreseen by Isaiah, perhaps there’s more to Him than just some guy who lived and died long ago. The One who died is alive. And so, His promise of life for you is true as well.

Jesus, you are The One foreseen by prophets; give me new life! Amen.


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