A Christmas Feeling

While they were there it came time for her to give birth. Luke 2:6

For an unfortunate majority, Christmas is merely a long-lost feeling we’re spending our holiday season trying to recreate. Why spend so much time and money at the malls? We remember the childish wonder that each wrapped gift held. Why decorate to the nines? We remember someone special in our past did the same thing and it made a lasting impression. Why put out the cookies on Christmas Eve? We remember being children visited by Santa and we long for the same magical experience today.

But now we’ve grown. Now we’ve experienced the angry lashes of a world devoid of magic. Now we’ve little more than a fleeting feeling we so profoundly cling to.

Feelings let us down. The One born in the open air of a borrowed barn picks us up. Remember the first Christmas and the deep emotion God must have for you that would cause Him to wrap up the gift of His Son and hand deliver Him to you in Word and Sacrament! 

Lord Jesus, you are the greatest gift. Amen.


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