What Heaven’s Like

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son . . . John 3:16a

Ever wonder what heaven will be like? In our brief reading, Jesus has given an unmistakable peek through the pearly gates. Granting us a tour of the Almighty’s abode, Jesus takes us right into the Father’s very heart.

Returning to our realm, we uncover scarcely more than selfish stinginess. The Lord shows us bona fide benevolence, authentic altruism, and genuine generosity. God loved. We suppose we know what love means, but apart from narcissistic vanity, our love is wizened and undeveloped. God’s exceptionally uncommon love comes spilling from His undeniable essence. God is love, therefore He loves! So much that He gave up what is most precious. The heir of this endless love? You, dear one, it’s all for you!

That’s what heaven is like. Love dripping from every nook and cranny. May this love not merely dribble, but pour forth from us also!

Gracious Father, make your love our love. In Jesus’ holy name, amen.


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