“We know that a person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 2:16)

We so want to be justified in our actions or attitudes.  We try to justify our grudges and hurtfulness toward others, convinced that we’re right and they’re wrong. We even try to justify our sins.  I’m not that bad … I’ve got this under control … I’m not hurting anyone …

But let’s be clear: sin is not justifiable.

We also mistakenly think that our good lives (“works of the law”) count for something in God’s court. We try to convince ourselves and others (and even God!) that we’re better than we really are.

Again, let’s be clear: Galatians 2:16 states three times that we cannot justify ourselves before God!

Yet what we absolutely cannot do for ourselves, Christ does for us! On the basis of His good life, you ARE justified!  You ARE right with God through faith in your Savior!

Jesus, thank You for the gift of faith, and thank You for making us right with God forever. Amen.


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