Right-Handed Savior

Your right hand, O LORD, shatters the enemy. Exodus 15:6b

Daily reading: Exodus 15:1-6

I knew a gentlemen in the seminary from Eastern Europe. He was kind and intelligent, but I wouldn’t want to cross him – he is a national champion arm wrestler!

A strong man’s arm has long been a picture of strength and protection, but perhaps the most comforting arms are those of a father or grandfather. His hard-working hands convey love and protection, not unlike our heavenly Father’s.

If a biblical writer wanted to point to God’s power, he’d direct our attention to His arms and hands, and especially His right hand. We see this all over the Old Testament, but especially in rescues such as the exodus.

Later, Mary praises God for showing strength with His arm by sending His Son and hers (Luke 1:51). Before Jesus took on flesh, God’s “hands” were an anthropomorphism, a way of picturing His power in human terms. However, God’s hands truly did shatter the enemy as Jesus was nailed to the cross!

Lord, thank You for reaching down to rescue me. Please continue to wrap Your protective arms around me. Amen.


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