Jesus gives us peace

“Peace I leave with you;  My peace I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27)

Jesus’ words just don’t make sense. How could he say “be unafraid” when He would soon be in such agony that He perspired blood? (Luke 22:44)  How could He be filled with peace when He was about to be arrested?  How could He tell others not to be troubled when He was about to be executed?

My peace I give to you,” Jesus says …  Jesus’ peace isn’t based on circumstances.  Jesus’ peace comes from being right with God, regardless of present troubles.

Only Jesus lived a fully “Christian life.” Only Jesus is 100% right with God. Only Jesus fulfilled all righteousness. And He gives it all to you! He puts His perfect life on your account, His sinless death secures your salvation, and His resurrection guarantees your eternal peace with your Lord!

Jesus, grant me Your peace, which surpasses my understanding, to keep my heart and mind in You. Amen.


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