Ransomed From Hell

God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol, for He will receive me.
(Psalm 49:15)

I am ransomed from hell. I inherited corruption and depravity and was a son of the devil, held captive in a prison my sins helped build. Always the devil wants more. But like any power-hungry dictator, it was never enough. More power, more prestige, more followers, more to be tormented. So he went after the biggest fish in the sea. His stamina for attacking Jesus was relentless. The crowds turned on Jesus. It would soon be over. Salvation would end with the death of the Saving One.

That’s where the devil made his self-damning mistake. In Jesus allowing Himself to be taken, He paid the ransom price for all sinners. Satan’s stranglehold has been relinquished. The best new: Jesus is risen from the dead and has drained the devil of all his power! Jesus wins!

Lord Jesus, you have made the choice to ransom me. With everything that is in me, thank you. Amen.


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