About Corey Aker

I am a husband (of one), father (of four), and pastor (of many)! Born in what would later become a mental institution, I lived the first seventeen years of my life in the same house in Rapid City, SD. It was the perfect neighborhood to grow up in, with many other kids all excited to explore our surroundings. We spent many a summer day ascending the farmer’s hill behind our houses, descending to the depths of the often-dry creek beds at the bottom of the hill, pelting each other with dirt clauds as we “waged war” against each other, and endlessly rode our bikes through our little seven-street housing development.

My dear wife Brooke became part of my life along the way and together we’ve jouneyed through our own mountains and valleys. Together, we’ve waged war against every challenge that has come our way. From the trenches, we are raising up four wonderful children in whom we delight and for whom we are thankful to the Lord.

Upon graduating from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD with degrees in Psychology and Sociology for me and Elementery and Special Education for Brooke, we journeyed to the seminary in St. Louis for four years of in-class and hands-on training in the area of pastoral ministry.

The Lord saw fit to call me and my family to beautiful Paducah, KY where I served as pastor of a wonderful congregation of devoted and caring Christians for nine years. The Lord has further seen fit to call me to serve as pastor to the good and faithful people of Sioux Falls, SD.

The Armor of God is the protection that has seen us through every joyous occasion and every tear-filled challenge. The Armor of God – faith, truth, righteousness, the Gospel, Salvation, and the Word of God – will continue to hold us up and allow us to stand, come what may, in every circumstance. To God alone be all glory! Amen!


3 thoughts on “About Corey Aker

  1. What a beautifully written bio; God has blessed you with a gift of writing amongst others. I am so glad you are pleased with this blog and I’m enjoying your posts!

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