Lead Me

“Let Your Good Spirit lead me on level ground!” (Psalm 143:10b)

 Who do you follow? The advice of a trusted friend? President Trump on Twitter? Your local news team? A sibling or parent? Who is your leader? In our broken and backward way of being in America today, this is all about your politics. “You are who you vote for”, seems to be the way neighbors now relate to each other. The media share their truth, although always filtered in one direction or another. Friends and family, although generally on your side, can have a bad day now and then. Who do you follow?

As you know, there is no better leader than our Lord. As hard as it may be to actually do the good expected of us, and frequently though we may fall so short of the mark, the Lord’s guidance is always good and right. The leadership of the Holy Spirit always brings us back to Christ and His cross! For Christians, this is a well-worn path. From sin to repentance to forgiveness to restoration, all wrapped up in the love of Jesus! Christ be my leader!

Holy Spirit, lead me always back to Christ my Savior. Amen.


Walk In Love

“Walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us” (Eph. 5:2a).

 Paul’s letter to the Ephesians includes a “table of duties”– God’s will for us as Christians, as husbands and wives, as children, and as employers or employees. (I encourage you to read Ephesians 5 and see how Paul describes these duties.) Fulfilling our Christian duty begins with love. God’s will for us is to walk in love, not because we earn brownie points with Him, but because He has so richly loved us!  The love of Christ is beyond our comprehension in its breadth, length, height and depth! (Ephesians 3:18) Absolutely nothing can separate you from His amazing love!  You are 100% secure in His love. You are saved, redeemed, justified, and free!  You are free to love your neighbors because your sin is finished, your salvation is accomplished, and your eternal home is prepared!  You are sent to love family members and coworkers, friends and strangers with the love that you have received from above. God already loves you and me to the fullest, so why withhold His love from others?

I love you, Jesus, because You first loved me. Amen.